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Botero’s Adam and Eve aka Golden Dong

Fernando Botero is known for his luscious curvaceous figures in sculpture and painting, some just refer to it as “fat.” Trained as a matador and set designer, Botero has declared himself the “most Colombian of Colombian artists,” and has flourished since he moved to Spain in the 1950s.

His large and in charge bronzes are scattered in public spots around the globe, and here in New York, two of them greet shoppers at each escalator at the mall like Time Warner Center.

Named Adam and Eve, they tower over visitors at twelve feet tall. Eve may be a little jealous, as attention seems to focus on Adam- and his penis.  And the desire to, touch it…The public’s fondling of his nether region is not only a prime photo op, but has also left the patina shiny and gold. How’s that for gold member.

Probably the only time anyone will say that Botero’s sculptures are groin-grabbingly good.

Who: Fernando Botero

What: Adam & Eve sculptures

Where: Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle

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