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Block Printed Bags by Chouchette – GET IT!

Chouchette began in Turkey with the mission of fostering collaboration between contemporary artists and traditional artisans to produce high quality contemporary accessories by utilizing an ancient wood block printing method, developed and practiced since 7000 BC.  We just got in a bunch of their bags from their latest collection, which are  illustrated by artists’ Gabriela Vainsencher and Cris Dam. Vainsecher & Dam’s clever illustrations are expertly carved onto linden tree blocks, dipped into organic liquid dyes and each image is individually block printed on the fabric. The bags are super soft and made from 100% natural unbleached cotton.  They are sturdy & can be used for everyday use like carrying your books, grocery shopping or for weekend getaways.  Also comes with a removable smaller bag that is attached to the inside and can be used to hold smaller items like keys, cash and your phone. Take it out and wear it around your wrist or attach it to your belt.  $60-&70 each.

Art Nerd Chouchette Lamp Back Pack 3

Art Nerd Chouchette Large Lamp Bag Green

Art Nerd Chouchette Stuck to the Floor Backpack3


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