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Big Bright Steel Pays Tribute to Automobile Row

Manhattan’s “Automobile Row” (known for its block after block of car dealerships) is now home to a public art installation commissioned by Two Trees that pays tribute to its history. Big Bright Steel by Jennifer Riley and Emily Kennerk undulates in an explosion of colorful steel plates that evoke the aerodynamics of a fine automobile. The piece, which is alongside 54th street at the Mercedes House, is made entirely from repurposed steel from the auto industry, tying in the piece with the site specific location with another layer.


Before 11th Avenue was called Automobile Row it had more of a grim nickname, being called Death Avenue until 1934, as a New York City Railroad train ran in the middle of the street, alongside traffic and pedestrians.

Riley_Kennerk_BBS_night_detail_photo_Erik_Dalzen[1] Riley_Kennerk_BBS_night_detail3_photo_Erik_Dalzen[1]

What: Big Bright Steel

Who: Jennifer Riley and Emily Kennerk

Where: Mercedes House, 550 West 54th Street

Images ©Erik Dalzen

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