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Bid on Logan Hicks’ Art Bond on Paddle 8

Only a few more hours to bid on Logan Hicks’ piece for the Section 1 auction, which hopes to create the world’s largest urban art park in his hometown of Balitmore. Grab it- its still at a great deal!


The non-profits arts sector of Baltimore is flourishing, and growing at a rate much faster then the pool of resources that supports it. This requires Section1 to be creative in our fundraising efforts and to drive external investment, so as to not compete with local social innovators.

To begin this process, Section1 has teamed up with 20 top and emerging artists and designers to develop ‘Series A’, an innovative funding round, raised through the online auction of a collection of first edition ‘Art Bonds.’

The art bond, a play on conventional bond financing, provides the opportunity for investment, through a creative instrument, for a long-term gain of social value.

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