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Before White Columns- 112 Workshop

In 1970, artist Jeffrey Lew opened 112 Workshop here, a first come first serve studio and artist run space. Artists were given total control to curate their own shows and performances. One of the first artist run spaces, 112 Workshop fostered the beginnings of artists such as Vito Acconci, Laurie Anderson, Joseph Beuys, Chuck Close, Gordon Matta Clarke (co-founder), and Richard Serra to name a few. To quote Holland Cotter, in 2009 “People came, working with scrap metal, cast-off wood and cloth, industrial paint, rope, string, dirt, lights, mirrors, video. New genres — installation, performance — were invented. Most of the work was made on site and ephemeral: there one day, gone the next.”

It later became White Columns, and moved to a new building. Lew then sold the basement recording studio to Steven Loeb, who turned it into Greene Street Recording- which soon became one of the early headquarters for hip hop in the 1980s and 1990s. RUN-DMC, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Sonic Youth, New Order, Ice Cube, Chaka Kahn and many other innovators recorded here.

What: 112 Workshop/Greene Street Recording

Where: 112 Greene Street

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