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Beau Stanton’s Cursum Perficio mural

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Beau Stanton‘s beautiful Cursum Perficio is the latest permanent mural to enliven the dwindling Little Italy neighborhood (which is slowly being swallowed up by Chinatown). The  L.I.S.A. Project (Little Italy Street Art) has been sprucing up walls along Mulberry Street, in hopes to draw even more tourists to the area, and garner support against the clutches of Chinatown.

Stanton’s Cursum Perficio (which means “My Journey is Over” in Latin) is a fitting piece, harkening the days of old New York, when Little Italy was an authentic neighborhood where Italians settled, rather than a tourist trap. The mural also kicks off the artist’s upcoming animation, that will be debuted at one of my projects at SCOPE Miami Art Fair starting December 2nd, in a small exhibition called “Message in a Bottle.”

Who: Beau Stanton

What: Cursum Perficio mural

Where: 163 Mulberry

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3 Responses to “Beau Stanton’s Cursum Perficio mural”
  1. Vicky Pease says:

    Is this work (Cursum Perficio) copyrighted?

  2. Anisha says:

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