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Bannerman Castle of Curiosities

You don’t have to go to Europe to explore castle ruins- just a 60 minute train ride from Grand Central is the epic architectural gem, Bannerman Castle. I first spotted the castle on a trip to Dia Beacon upstate- it suddenly appears next to the train on a small island in the Hudson River that is close to the shore. Even better, the Bannerman Castle Trust  lets visitors explore the ruins, and this summer they plan to have more events and camping.


Francis Bannerman IV was an ammunition dealer from Dundee, Scotland. He and his family purchased what became known as Bannerman’s Island in 1900, and built a Scottish style castle and residence to house his wares and serve has a home for his wife and children. The ornate buildings were a jewel on the Hudson until Bannerman died in 1918, and the island became disused. Storms, a gunpowder explosion in the 1920s and a fire in 1969 left the castle in ruins.


Spend a day outside of the city and get your architecture nerd on.


What: Bannerman Castle

Where: Pollepel Island, off NY 9-D,Fishkill, New York

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