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August’s Midnight Moment with Jherek Bischoff

I’m so totally sad that my latest curatorial piece, Beau Stanton’s Voyage, is no longer in Times Square. But alas, another incredible Midnight Moment has taken over the screens.

Experience composer Jherek Bischoff’s latest film for August’s Midnight Moment presented by Times Square Arts. Cistern is inspired by sound improvisations Bischoff created in an empty, two-million gallon, underground water tank. Stay tuned for August 21 and 22- Jherek Bischoff’s Silent Orchestra will perform music from Bischoff’s latest album Cistern on electronic orchestral instruments and stream through 400 sets of wireless headphones.


Jherek Bischoff’s Cistern for Midnight Moment
Times Square screens
Every night from 11:57 to Midnight Through August 31

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