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Athelstan Spilhaus Triangle Equinox

Not all sculptures are by artists- South AfricanAmerican geophysicist and oceanographer Athelstan Spilhaus created the piece located at Rockefeller’s McGraw-Hill Building.

Located in the sunken courtyard, the triangle sculpture is arranged so the Sun aligns with its sides at solstices and equinoxes. Kind of a cool mesh of science and art- which is probably generally ignored in amidst the hustle of tourist overflow from Times Square.

This is also the building where, in 1999, an employee was trapped in the elevator for 3 days- eek!

Who: Athelstan Spilhaus

What: Triangle equinox sun dial

Where: McGraw-Hill Building, 1221 Avenue of the Americas

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  1. I dig that this sculpture was made by geophysicist oceanographer- Athelstan Spilhaus Triangle Equinox @artnerdnewyork

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