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Artist Michael Alan Talks Depression

In order to raise the art community up, the quality of art, and the existence of our people, we The Living Installation have to start to fight depression within our community. Depression and anxiety are the number one factor that we believe kill Living artists and separate us. Within the work of this following live show FUCK DEPRESSION me / The Living Installation goal is to create such a happy space, such a weird surreal, dramatic, fun adventure where people can come and go as they want and feel that they are part of something bigger than Michael Alan, bigger than the live music, bigger than the performance, and through all these exotic acts that we perform and ridiculous deeds, we hope to raise the conscious level up and bring people together and to form that community where you could go and be a part of something rather than come and watch something or come and support something or come and get drunk at something, and art is in need of that, that’s something that in the past that always kept art afloat. Without that kind of support and positive field it’s very difficult for people to survive in this culture. I myself suffer from situational depression due to the injuries that I sustained and due to health situations, so it’s very good to be around other people who are positive and want to make things happen, and THAT is the goal! We need more of this, let me slap a cake in my face, and draw a huge dick on my face, laugh with me, escape your mind for a while, lets room free.

Michael Alan’s Fuck Depression Living Installation is this Saturday, starting at 6pm.

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