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Anthony McCall Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture

Anthony McCall’s Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture at Hamburger Bahnoff was one of my favorite exhibitions of 2012. Experiencing the immersive piece was totally meditative, I went in tense and left feeling like I just had the best nap ever. The installation, which was literally just streams of light projected from the ceiling along with smoke, took over the giant main hall at the museum (which was kinda surreal in itself). Visitors could lie on the floor and gaze into the light, which somehow looked like the sky, only not the real sky, but how the sky looks in one of those dreams where you can’t fully see everything around you and you know you’re dreaming. It kind of blew my mind that light could be so transportative.

DSC02075 DSC02070 DSC02079 DSC_0185 DSC_0195

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