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Annika Connor’s Escapist Delights

Annika Connor’s gorgeously indulgent exhibition, “The Hitchcock Kiss” is an escapists dream- and just opened at QF Gallery in the real life New Yorker escape, East Hampton. Check out my review from Whitehot Mag!

Annika-Connor The Blue Room

Opening this coming Saturday, June 15th in the Hampton’s quaint QF Gallery, painter Annika Connor brings life to a new body of her signature modern romance. In her traditional style, “The Hitchcock Kiss” is literal eye candy; a feast of grandeur and opulence in both sumptuous color and decadent subject matter. Connor’s paintings are truly escapist, letting the viewer indulge in a romantic fantasy, and weave their own narratives as they get lost in the corners of Connor’s stately rooms, Technicolor gardens and warm embraces. Its easy to slip away into a daydream with any of Connor’s tableaus as the suitable backdrop. Rich and plush, the interiors evoke a certain romance from days past- bringing to mind tales of great love stories, before the impersonality of technology and modern life complicated the world. The carefully calculated rooms could be lifted from old Hollywood, from great cinematic scenes from the silver screen in the 1940s and 50s- when the message was passion, glitz and glamour. In fact, Connor’s paintings function much like films- which were initially created to give the audience a brief retreat from the stresses of their everyday lives with sixty minutes of artistic escapism.

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