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Almost a Fashion Museum

Yea, New York Vintage is a store- not something Art Nerd usually covers. But the intimate Chelsea showroom feels like so much more than a place to buy vintage clothes, it truly feels like a fashion and textiles museum. The parlour has an amazing collection of pristine clothing from every era- a complete set of original 1920s flapper dresses, 1930s glamor, 1950s crinoline, and even perfect condition Victorian bustled dresses and early 1900s high-necked lace.

Yea, the prices are ridiculous (the few tags I looked at were around $800) but the staff is friendly and will let you peruse the dresses, jackets, purses and jewelry. The shop is popular with stylists, film wardrobe and often lends historical items to the Bergdorf Goodman windows.

Their impressive collection rivals FIT’s museum- except you can reach out and touch them with your own hands!


What: New York Vintage

Where: 117 West 25th Street

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  1. The Incredible NY Vintage Shop in Chelsea is Almost a Fashion Museum via @artnerdnewyork

  2. Can’t believe I’ve never checked this place out!

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