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Adventure Club: Dead Horse Bay

Sometimes the regular museum and gallery arting just doesn’t get my inspiration flowing. These are the days that a bigger adventure is needed, using outside of the confines of Manhattan. This weekend, I took advantage of the creepy 60 degree January weather to check out a historical spot I somehow have never been to -Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn. The spot was used in the 19th and 20th centuries as a place to dump horse bones that were ground into fertilizer, and later as a landfill that is now bursting at the seams. Trails thick with overgrown weeds, reeds and trees meanders toward the beach, with seemingly endless turns that amp up the anticipation. Our magic day started in a thicket of fog, making it impossible to see nearby bridge to Rockaway Beach. The sandy spot feels a million miles from Manhattan, strewn with countless bottles from the 1900s, and old shoes and construction materials from the landfill.  After an hour was hunting bottles while being pelted with rain and endless wind, the clouds parted and revealed the most fantastical golden hour I’ve experienced in years.

You can see how the fragments of trash from the past can inspire, perfectly orchestrated by photographer Barry Rosenthal.

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