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AbandonedNYC Spotlight: Fort Totten Raccoon

Raccoon_Fort Totten_3150

You run into some fascinating personalities in abandoned buildings—fellow photographers, teenage paintballers, the occasional squatter—but there’s something surreal about meeting a wild animal.

This little guy followed me all the way to the third floor of a crumbling hospital in Fort Totten.  Peering out from a dark corridor, he seemed to be as confounded by my presence as I was by his.

It’s not rare for animals to take up residence in the places I photograph—I’ve seen incredible pigeon communities in Creedmoor State Hospital and P.S. 186 in Harlem, and almost every location claims at least one desiccated feline.  A long-abandoned building becomes its own kind of wilderness, and the natural world is quick to claim the places we leave behind…


For more photos from the Fort Totten Army Hospital and other abandoned sites in the five boroughs, check out Will’s blog, AbandonedNYC, and follow the project on Facebook.
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