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Ab Ex Graffiti

711 Third Avenue was one of the first Modernist office buildings of its time, completed in 1956- as well as one of the first to recognize the value of awesome lobby art. Just around the corner inside the entrance is a grandiose and colorful mosaic by Hans Hofmann, that despite its age, appears almost as if it is graffiti-inspired. In bold and vibrant colors, the mosaic captures the spirit of the Abstract Expressionist, who was also once a teacher of Louise Nevelson. There’s also an aluminum Jose de Rivera piece called Continuum adjacent from it.

Hans Hofmann

Hans Hofmann

Jose de Rivera

Jose de Rivera

Who: Hans Hoffmann

What: Mural

Where: 711 Third Avenue

Image ┬ęBrian Derballa

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  1. Tak says:

    hi love! I adore dorky glasses. I think they are fun…and way bteter than ‘normal’ looking frames. are you back home now? i’m glad i’m not in nyc anymore! bwahahah.xoxoV

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