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A.I.R. Gallery

In 1972, discouraged by the male-dominated art world, artists Barbara Zucker and Susan Williams opened this all-women co-operative space. Referencing Jane Eyre and the term “Artist in Residence,” AIR was formed in response to a 1970 protest at the Whitney Museum, since it only contained 5% of art by female artists. The gallery was structured as an exhibition space and as a co-op; members pay dues, vote on virtually everything, and are in charge of curating their own shows- therefore in more control of their art careers, versus a dealer.

The initial membership was 20 members, and after almost 40 years AIR still exists today, now located in the 11 Front Street building in DUMBO.

Who: Female artists unite

What: A.I.R. Gallery site

Where: 79 Wooster

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  1. […] Spero, who left us in 2009, was a feminist artist whose work addressed political, social and economical concerns. She was also a founding member of A.I.R. Gallery in Soho. […]

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