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Whether you like Damien Hirst or not, you have to admit is scarf collaboration with Alexander McQueen is pretty fucking incredible. Maybe Hirst’s dots and butterflies just work better when they aren’t trying so hard to be conceptual art, but are instead left to the simple beauty of their kaleidoscopic pattern. Using Hirst’s visual language to communicate the classic McQueen skull makes for a hell of a lot of $1,175.00 scarves that I thought I never wanted. Christmas is coming... alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-001 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-002 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-003 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-004 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-005 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-006 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-007 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-008 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-009 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-010 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-011 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-012 alexander-mcqueen-damien-hirst-013

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