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7 Year Itch Site

This is where, formerly the Loews Theater, the famous picture of Marilyn Monroe, shielding the gusts from the subway grate, was taken.

Formerly the Loews theater, it was on this site that in 1954 the overly famous scene of Marilyn Monroe, shielding her dress from the gusts from a subway grate, was taken. As a promotional photo and scene for the film The 7 Year Itch, the scene was shot over and over, in front of a huge crowd of spectators. Amongst the crowd was Monroe’s husband, Joe DiMaggio, which became infuriated by the scene of his wife’s dress being blown over her head (over and over).  They argued, avoided the media for two weeks, then suddenly announced their divorce!

Married for less than a year, could this spot have been the catalyst for break up? DiMaggio must’ve been nuts.

Who: Marilyn Monroe

What: 7 Year Itch photographic site

Where:  569 Lexington Avenue

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  1. […] MTA Arts for Transit has taken over some of the endless advertising space in the underground and let New Yorkers get a large scale glimpse of some candid shots of Marilyn Monroe, frolicking in the city in 1954. Taken by her friend Sam Shaw, the pictures are soft and lovely, a total contrast of the dirty subway- especially under the  tourist mobs of Bryant Park. Aside from a fresh distraction from the morning commute, the stretch of lightbox images even offers an alternate shot of the famous 7 Year Itch pic. […]

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