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4 Seasons Seasoned

Its no secret that I am attracted to anything sparkly. It is also no secret that I find much of the MTA’s subway art kinda boring. I do however love┬áRobert Kushner’s 4 Seasons Seasoned in the 77th Street mosaic on the 6 train. The pieces are soooo Gustav Klimt to me, which may not be a coincidence, considering the Neue Galerie is nearby. Kushner is more or less a decorative artist, but considered the father of the Decorative and Patterned movement. His pieces are intricate and beautiful, and draw heavily from textiles in both Europe, Islam and Asia.


4 Seasons Seasoned feels like a glittery day dream, giving MTA passengers a back drop for day dreaming- or ignoring the dude who just shoulder checked you, the annoying guy with the rainbow pipe cleaners in his hair playing the saxophone or the stench of summer that seems to linger long after the season has seasoned.





Who: Robert Kushner

What: 4 Seasons Seasoned

Where: 77th Street and Lexington Avenue

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