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4 Crowdfunded Art Projects You Should Support

Crowdfunding has helped artists and curators realize their visions like never before- without having to deal with the politics (and sometimes snobbery) of the gallery world. No one understands this better than Molly Crabapple- who as an artist, writer and entrepreneur, truly understands the benefits of selling on Kickstarter rather than through a gallery. Here are four crowdfunded projects we like- be a true art nerd and help support them!


Sound art is a genre tackled in galleries enough, perhaps because it is hard to capture a sound to sell. But in an increasingly digital world (even with companies selling limited edition digital files, like [s]edition), collectibility has changed. UNCOLLECTABLE is a complex gallery exhibition-meets-performance, from the mind of +Aziz, a trend spotter by trade, and Kuwaiti song writer by passion. The performance leg will focus on the intersection of sound and conceptual art, accompanied by structured song writing. I’m really excited for this event because it won’t just be a night of performance, but also education, as the sound artists involve show a potentially naive audience just how sound art and music are related (and how they can work together for the future of music). It isn’t often that I walk away from a show feeling like I’ve learned something, and I hope this gets funded even for that reason alone. The rest of the exhibition will feature rotating pieces including video, sound, performance and unexpected pairings that will keep the show fresh and new, prompting revisits- which is by the way hosted at the art salon/exhibition space, Hotel Particulier.


Jim Power and the Mosaic Trail from Etsy on Vimeo. Jim Power is a man after our Art Nerd heart. He has been paying tribute to the East Village in mosaic form since 1985. His mosaic poles can be seen all over 2nd Avenue and beyond- you’ve passed them on the regular and may have even seen Jim himself fixing up the mosaics, while his dog sits patiently by. What I didn’t know was that each pole is a tribute to a different point of East Village history- honoring theaters, gangsters and musicians that used to dot the landscape behind the poles. I also didn’t know that Jim has basically been homeless since he began his mosaic homage to the city he loves- and does it just because he feels it his his duty to preserve a piece of history for us. That brought a tear to my eye. He only has 8 more days of his barely-funded campaign- help preserve an East Village Art Nerd!


Walter Plotnick was asked by Talent Voor Kunst Galerie in Beligum to create a show based on the 1939 World Fair in New York- um, art nerd wet dream! Plotnick’s show not only takes inspiration from Bauhaus, Constructivist and Surrealist photography, but will also reintroduce it to a world of young digital photographers who can’t imagine photography before Photoshop. There’s something more creative and special to the tactile act of creating collage and photo manipulation with your hands in the dark room, rather than on a screen. (I should know-once upon a time I went to photography school). It has a certain feeling of linking yourself to the past. It is almost surreal itself to be alone in the dark room, and think about the days when bobbing a silver gelatin print in fixer for two minutes was the cutting edge of technology. I love it, and I love this project.

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I’ve always wanted to do a phone-call project, and this one by Phil Hansen is pretty damn cool. Phil is giving out his number, and wants you to give him a call. Kinda like a help line, Hansen wants your stories of facing limitations. He’ll then use your stories and words as brushstrokes, creating one large painting made up of woven stories. Perhaps once his brush is to canvas, we can finally let go of the limitations that hold us back?

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