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35 Years of Stencils at Dorian Grey

Tomorrow night, a 35 year survey of stencils opens at Dorian Grey Gallery, June 25th from 6-9pm.


Artists: AV1, Alice Mizrahi, AIKO, Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Billy Mode, Clockwork Cros, CRASH1, Chris Stain, DOM, Eelco, ICY& SOT, James Romberger, Joe Iurato, Joe B., Joe Meloy, Kunstrasen, Layer Cake, Logan Hicks, M. Van Cook, Nick Walker, Prol, Solus, & SWOON

This exhibition has been curated to acknowledge three important elements in the history of stencil inspired art. The first is to establish a chronological reference for the practitioners of stencil based compositions in contemporary art since 1980. We start with early examples of crude but powerfully hand cut forms by Rick Prol, applied to found scraps of urban detritus and layered glass, circa 1980. Also, we are fortunate to include works by Blek Le Rat who is considered the founding father of contemporary stencil street art as we now know it.

Additionally, we bring together a talented roster of men & women incorporating this intricate process from around the world. Featured are 25 artists, many of whom have global followings, others with a more local fan base, but all known for effectively embracing this highly stylized art technique. Countries of origin represented are England, France, Japan, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Iran, and the United States.

Finally, the installation content is balanced, highlighting older works paired with more recently completed compositions. The exhibition encompasses diverse subjects such as Super Hero’s, Politics, Weapons, Dark humor, Landscapes, Abstract Elements and of course, Pop Culture. It’s safe to state all of the participating artists have some inspiration connected to urban life or street but are not necessarily considered “street artists”.

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