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The 300 Club- the Center of Culture in the 1920s

What is now the London Hotel on West 54th Street, was once the clandestine hang out of Clara Bow, Rudolph Valentino, Irving Berlin, Gloria Swanson, some Chryslers, Vanderbilts and Whitneys. Known as the 300 Club, the speakeasy raged during Prohibition, and was owned by the notorious actress-club owner, Texas Guinan. Once a chorus girl, vaudevillian and silent film actress, the brazen beauty was a flapper in every sense of the word- bucking the system with her secret club that not only served alcohol, but also had 40 scantily clad burlesque dancers on hand, as well as more than occasional piano performances by George Gerswhin.

The place became a hot bed for talent, as Broadway and Hollywood agents would constantly mingle with the dancers, musicians and artists that would frequent the club. It was constantly raided by police, and closed in 1929 when Guinan decided to go back into film.

Who: Texas Guinan

What: 300 Club

Where: 151 West 54th Street, 10105

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  1. Texas Guinan’s 300 Club was a hotbed of talent+booze during Prohibition, bringing party to 54th long before studio 54

  2. Oh such fun! RT@LoriZimmer: @thelondonnyc used to be the 300 Club where Valentino, Clara Bow & Gershwin hung out”

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