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The Venus Demilos of Midtown

Walking down 6th Avenue near MoMA, you come across a triplicate of a familiar site. Three varying sized Venus de Milos stand in line along the plaza, but something about them is off – their heads. The recognizable figures are the work of artist Jim Dine, who is considered to be one of the first Pop Artists.

The sculptures were installed in 1990 and have been met with mixed reviews. Some Midtown workers just find them to be “dumb,” while others love the patinaed art historical reference. Me? I barely even notice them, so I guess indifference is worse!

Who: Jim Dine

What: “Looking Toward the Avenue”

Where: 1301 Avenue of the Americas

2 Responses to “The Venus Demilos of Midtown”
  1. Some people really hate these Jim Dine sculptures- 3 Venus Demilos via @artnerdnewyork

  2. Do you not notice them because they kinda blend with the architecture colors , maybe?

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