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1XRun Print Set Avail Friday Aug 31!

I’m proud to announce George Hearts Maria’s partnership with print legends, 1xRun! To support the hefty construction for my show (we are building a miniature Victorian house inside the gallery!) 1xRun is putting out a mini set of some of the awesome eye miniature pieces from the show, signed, numbered and in a letterpress envelope designed by Beau Stanton.

So, if you’re unable to make it to the show or can’t snag the original piece you’d like, now is your chance to get several pieces you like! Plus be very, very, kind to me and help with fundraising so I can build a truly stand out gallery show. I find that many group shows just bring together a group of artists that the curator knows, without a common thread or theme. I wanted to extend the motive behind Art Nerd New York and create a show that ties in a fun art historical narrative with modern artists. I’m really happy with it and I hope you are into it too. (Read more about the show in this interview with me

The print run goes on sale FRIDAY AUGUST 31 at 12PM EAST COAST TIME. That’s 9 am in Cali, 5pm in London and 6pm in Berlin, my friends.

Sign up to be alerted when the sale starts HERE<<<<<<<

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  1. 1XRun Print Set Avail Friday Aug 31! via @artnerdnewyork

  2. Art Nerd New York – 1XRun Print Set Avail Friday Aug 31!

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