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WATCH: Dan Deacon – Feel The Lightning (Video)

“Feel the Lightning” is from Dan Deacon’s new album, Gliss Riffer, out on Domino on February 24/25, 2015.

Earlier this week, Baltimore electronic music party-starter Dan Deacon shared a trailer for a mysterious new album that’ll be out in February. As it turns out, the new album is called Gliss Riffer, and it marks Deacon’s return to recording on his own after teaming up with ensembles of musicians on his last two albums, 2012′s America and 2009′s Bromst. That’s not to say it’s a return to his spazzy neon-skull days, though. First single “Feel The Lightning” is a big, gooey synthpop ballad with some pretty female vocals that are actually Deacon’s own manipulated voice. Director Andrew Jeffrey Wright has made a surreal, cartoonish video for the track, showing us a house where interpretive dancers invade and chairs come alive to fuck while the owner is out. Watch it below.

via Sterogum

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