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VIDEO: ARTST TLK Karim Rashid and Kenny Scharf

WATCH! Our Art Nerd hero Kenny Scharf and industrial designer Karim Rashid sit down with ARTST TLK web series host Pharrell Williams and chat about art and design. They both discuss how their childhoods affected their work as artists, as well as their greatest influences as of today. Later, they discuss the role art and design plays in their lives. PS. There is an absolutely, completely random, unexplainable, naked  woman serving water 12-13 mins in !?! Would love to get the skinny on that…LOL

Pharrell Williams’s ARTST TLK a progressive take on the talk show format. Explore the motivations & inspirations of some of the world’s most creative people.
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One Response to “VIDEO: ARTST TLK Karim Rashid and Kenny Scharf”
  1. This clip is awesome and redic “: VIDEO: @ArtstTlk Karim Rashid and Kenny Scharf”

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