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Tiki Oasis 2013: Hulabilly!

Who doesn’t love a Tiki Oasis in San Diego??  I know I do, and I’m excited to share this great event coming up next weekend! Tiki Oasis 2013: Hulabilly! is kitschy, fun and features a ton of great artists! Personally, I’m a big fan of Ryan Hungerford’s work (featured below) so be sure to check it out at the “Americana Tiki” Tiki Oasis 2013 Pop-Up Art Gallery . Most importantly there is a really awesome cavalcade of burlesque stars in a special Friday Midnight Show in the Lagoon Room!


The 4th Annual Tiki Oasis 2013 Pop-Up Art Gallery “Americana Tiki”
Exhibition Dates: Friday Aug 16th – Sunday Aug 18th
Hours of Operation: 11:00AM – 4:00PM Daily
Location: Lahaina Room, Crowne Plaza

Artist Reception
Meet the Tiki Oasis Artist and
the Winner of the Miss Tiki Oasis Contest!
Featuring DJ Astro 138 spins vintage vinyl!
Cocktail served by Rhum Clement
Date: Saturday Aug 17th
Hours: 12:00PM Noon -1:00PM
Location: Lahaina Room, Crowne Plaza


Featured Artists
Arnold Pander
Daisy Church
Dawn Frasier (Sophista Tiki)
Derek Yaniger
Doug DoRr
Doug Horne
Eric October
Erin Joy
Iggy Medeiros
Jonnie Velour
Ken “little lost tiki” Ruzic
Michael Fleming (Tweedlebop)
Norm Daniels
Noir Nouar
Robert Jimenez
Ryan Hungerford [… <3 his work!!!]
Scott Saw
Tiki King
Tiki Tony
Tom Cooper
Wendy Cevola (danlovestikis)

located in the Lagoon Room Crowne Plaza, San Diego
Friday, August 16 – Sunday August 18, 11 PM – 4 PM


Featuring these fine artists:
Kreature Kid Adam Dougherty
Norm Daniels
Tom Cooper
and Harold Golen Gallery’s MUST SEE Bunny Yeager Photo Exhibit!

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