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The Air is Thick – Seth Armstrong’s new work

Seth Armstrong in studio

Seth Armstrong in studio


On a sunny afternoon in January, when all the foliage in Los Angeles is abloom, I had the opportunity to visit Seth Armstrong in his Echo Park studio. He’s been quite busy working day and night in preparation for his solo show opening up at Thinkspace at the end of March. His work space is somewhat impressively organized and he doesn’t exhibit the usual signs of stress and panic of a painter with a solo show opening in less than a month. Amidst orange blossoms and a hammock strung between trees in the yard, Seth is rested and in control of things. It’s the ideal breeding ground for the narrative he’s both creating and watching evolve within his pieces.

The show, The Air is Thick, most immediately presents subjects from a voyeuristic viewpoint. From the perspective which the artist provides us, we get a glimpse into the lives of folks who may otherwise be deemed unremarkable: a falconer in a moment of rest, an undressed apartment-dwelling woman peering into an open refrigerator, a family unloading (or loading) the trunk of a car on a steeply sloped residential street while a 1970’s muscle car comes tearing over the hill above. The artist shows us people, comfortable, in the space they inhabit… and since this is Hollywood I can’t help but perceive some of these works as stills from films nobody will ever get the chance to see.

It’s not uncommon for Seth to use characters repeatedly in multiple pieces and I’m so curious to get into the gallery to see how these narratives play out.

Get out to the opening reception, if you can, on Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm, otherwise the show will be viewable until April 18, 2015.


‘Built In Italy’ – Seth Armstrong, 2015



Seth Armstrong, 2015

‘Spring Street’ – Seth Armstrong, 2015

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