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Dear Diary: Sucklord (its epic!)

Editors Note – This week we have a series of exclusive Interviews and Dear Diaries leading up to the opening of Designer Con 2013, November 9 & 10, 2013 at […]

Machine Project DVD Release Screening

If you like “pizza, babies, psychics, trapdoors, an opera for dogs, plants on vacation, amplified tea kettles, some interesting new directions in drag makeup, and simultaneous aerobics and butter making,” […]

Treasure hunting for Artschwager blps Across L.A.

It’s time for a treasure hunt, Los Angeles! The Hammer Museum has placed several “blps,” characterized as lozenge-shaped marks, around the city in promotion for their current show, Richard Artschwager! […]

Buy It NOW (or I will)! – Art Nerd Los Angeles Edition

Note from the Editor ~ This post kicks-off of a new series of posts about amazing deals on original artwork available, curated by our teams of amazing artnerds! Look for […]

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