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Warren Brand has done some amazing things for the West LA street art scene. The Branded Arts Building is really epic on many levels and he’s starting to raise funds for a documentary project about this amazing site.  The Branded Arts Building will be demo’d this fall so its very important the project be documented and archived accordingly.  The filmmakers put this indiegogo project together with Warren so please check it out and consider supporting this great movement – cause.  It will only help Warren Brand’s personal crusade to bring world-renowned art to every blank wall in Los Angeles!

Branded Arts Trailer from Pool House Productions on Vimeo.

Introducing the new trailer for the Branded Arts Documentary! We hope this film will inspire millions and serve as an example for other cities to beautify their communities through public art. Visit to learn more and support!


We are filmmakers who believe in the transformative power of art and the importance of arts education.

We’ve been working with street art curator Warren Brand for the past year, chronicling the evolution of the Branded Arts complex in Culver City.  With the participation of countless renowned artists from around the world, including Dabs Myla, Herakut, David Flores, Yoskay Yamamoto, Miss Van, Steven Daily, Shark Toof, Bumblebee, Meggs, Gaia, Surge, Cyrcle, Rime, and countless others, the complex has transformed from an anonymous, empty lot to one of the largest collections of murals in the world.

As with all street art, we knew these walls were only temporary.  When the complex is demolished later this year, many of the pieces will be gone, but their legacy will live on through this film.  We feel that this process is too important to simply become a distant memory, and are putting our footage together with the goal of creating a film about Warren and his work.   This film will allow future generations around the world to appreciate the extraordinary amount of blood, sweat and paint that went into this incredible collection of murals.

From commuters riding the nearby Metro or driving down Washington Blvd., to students who pass the complex everyday on their way to school, these walls have been not only a welcome beautification of a neighborhood, but an inspiration to an entire community as well.  As we’ve seen, the Branded Arts complex has provided a successful model for neighborhood development that can provide a strong example to greater Los Angeles and a case study for the positive impact of street art on local communities around the nation.

We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting already, but need your help to fund the film’s completion.  Your contribution will insure that the Culver City Branded Arts complex is memorialized properly and given the treatment it deserves as a piece of Los Angeles’ rich street art history.

We truly appreciate your contributions, and every little bit helps.  No donation is too small!  Even if you can’t afford to donate, please spread the word in support of our cause!

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