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SATURDAY :: Art Nerdy Things to Do… All day?!

Hi everyone!! I’m back in Los Angeles from a crazy amazing week at Art Basel Miami.  I has lots of great pictures from the fairs to share with you but first have to let you know about a ton oF ART NERD LA WORTHY EVENTS to check out tomorrow!!  On December 14th between 10am and 11pm there are a myriad of great workshops, artist talks, open studios, openings and holidays parties on the westside from Santa Monica to Culver City!!  I know I’ll definitely be at the Gary Baseman Artist Talk, Thinkspace & Paul Loya Openings.  Our very lovely Robin Red will have work on view in the Naughty or Nice exhibition opening at COPRA Gallery (please go and support her!) and Nina’s better half of PopSoda hubby (Jimmy) will be doing butter aerobics workshops in the morning.  SEE! Tons of cool things to to see and do all day.

1) Butter Aerobics with PopSoda + MACHINE PROJECT, Santa Monica Pier (Santa Monica) 10:30a & 1pm

Feel the Churn-front

On Saturday, December 14, the Santa Monica Pier is hosting PopSoda artists Jimmy Fusil and Mike Wait as they conduct another installment of Feel the Churn: a butter making aerobics event!  The workshop is about an hour long. You will shake and sweat with a 20 minute, 150 calorie workout to DJ spun fitness jams, learn the physics and chemistry of turning cream into butter, and strain, shape and package your butter.  Two classes available: 10:30AM and 1:00PM -arrive early to get signed in! Participation is limited to 150 people per class on a first-come basis.  Butter Aerobics is at the West end of the Santa Monica Pier. The mobile bread oven will be set up in Central Plaza.  NOTE: The workshop itself is free. And fresh cream is free to participants thanks to partner Alta Dena Dairy. Jars for shaking are available to purchase onsite for $5 or BYOJ (between 12-18oz, plastic only please).

2) Gary Baseman Artist Talk & Closing Party @ SHULAMIT GALLERY, 17 N. Venice Blvd (Venice) 2-4pm


The Mythical Homeland exhibition by Gary Baseman features dynamic, heartfelt, personal stories and captivating visual imagery. As one of Los Angeles’ most intriguing artists, Gary Baseman will spend time talking about his previous career accomplishments, recent Skirball museum retrospect, how it all relates to Shulamit Gallery’s Mythical Homeland installation, and future projects including his Sundance Lab documentary.  RSVP – Reception starts at 2pm, Artist Talk at 3pm 🙂

3)  UCLA Graduate Open Studios, 8535 Warner Drive (Culver City) 4-7pm


Great opportunity to meet some up and coming UCLA MFA program artists and learn more about what they are working on in grad school! These events are usually fun, eye-opening and result in great connections with new artists on the scene. Opening reception for a group show featuring work by UCLA’s Department of Art Master’s Program. Artists include Lilly Aldriedge, James Iveson, Shoshi Kanokohata, Calvin Marcus, Natalia Margulis, Kathleen Ryan, … FULL LIST

4) UNKNOWN ELEMENTS @ Thinkspace Gallery, 6009 Washington Boulevard (Culver City) 6-9pm


Thinkspace is pleased to present Unknown Elements, featuring new works by Nosego and Curiot. Both artists have unmistakably distinct iconoclastic styles, inspired in part by the graphic originality of their respective practices as street artists. Both work with elaborate layers of imagery, building complex visual events through the disarming whimsy and creative disinhibition of the surreal. Constructing entire worlds of colorful, larger than life, composite creatures and hybrids, each artist explores the symbolic possibilities of juxtaposition; working with the known of the every day and transforming it constantly through free association. The iconicity of both artist’s work can be likened to the cohesive staying power of myth: their output is immediately recognizable as their own, populated by recurring themes, characters and motifs, and subject to the internal logic of its own creative cosmology. FB EVENT



THIS PLACE IS NOWHERE, features the works of artists Corey Smith, Gordon Holden [MY FAV!!] and Schoph, brings together three artists who take a serious (or not so serious) look at the society that sur- rounds us. In a “selfie”-saturated world, these artists create works that are provocative and often satirical or sarcastic remarks on pop-culture and the masses. There is a synthesis of playful curiosity and critique of the contemporary culture which calls the viewer to both internal and external discernment and reflec- tion. Each artist works with mixed media, composing images and materials into a thoughtful perspective.

2) “NAUGHTY OR NICE” Group Show at COPRO GALLERY – Bergamot Station Arts Complex, 2525 Michigan Ave, Unit T5 (Santa Monica) 8pm – 11:30pm


Copro Gallery celebrates the holidays with with “Naughty Or Nice,” a group exhibition exploring the darker meanings of St Nick’s nocturnal spying, his secret list, and its voyeuristic delight in hidden pleasures, pains, and — the punishments they bring. Saint Nick’s darker, punitive side,  the KRAMPUS, will not only grace gallery walls, but manifest in hot-blooded, bestial form, brandishing switches and and herding gallery patrons outdoors into his infernal habitat. There, amid a smoldering jumble of cages, bones, and screaming children, the Krampus shambles through the inscrutable tasks of eternal perdition, rattling chains, snarling, and otherwise presenting himself  at his most hellishly photogenic. MORE INFO

…So see you on Saturday??

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