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RECAP: LA Art Fair Season, Week 1


Happy MLK Day 😀 As many of you nerds are aware last week was full of great art events to see and be seen.  We attended the opening of the LA Art Show, photo l.a., culver city and dtla gallery events, and led Young Collectors tours through the LA Art Show on Saturday.  Keep reading to see fantastic pictures by our shutterbug Lee Joseph who was on hand to take pictures at both fairs.  Our LA Art Show tours went over well and we have an article in today’s LA Times by the lovely Deborah Vankin, see LA Art Show: Tips for young collectors. Last, but most importantly, we’ve had several new members join us over the past few weeks!  You know who you are so look forward to our official Art Nerd tote x arty perks in the snail mail.

Today’s LA Times Article about our Young Collectors Tours:

Click to read “LA Art Show: Tips for young collectors” by Deborah Vankin via LA Times

” On Saturday, however, the fair’s new section — called “Littletopia” and featuring edgier and emerging artists curated by New Orleans’ Red Truck Gallery — resonated with young show-goers.
Lauren Albrecht, co-founder of Art Nerd City Guides, led a young collectors tour through the convention center floor; and most of the tour was spent in Littletopia, where many galleries showed works in the relatively affordable range of $300 to $5,000.
“I think in New York and L.A., there’s a very pop culture-driven society and the art world intersects with that,” Albrecht said. “But a lot of people don’t know how to get started collecting, so that’s why we wanted to do this — to have engagement with the art show on a more casual and approachable level.”

Read more:,0,1914907.story#ixzz2qykgU1C7

LA Art Show Opening Photos:

Shepard Fairey @ LA Art Show Opening

Shepard Fairey @ LA Art Show Opening

Karen Bystedt in front of her works at LA Art Show Opening...she's collaborating with Cryptic on a Branded Art Mural that will be unveiled Jan 25th!

Karen Bystedt in front of her works at LA Art Show Opening…she’s collaborating with Cryptic on a Branded Art Mural that will be unveiled Jan 25th!

Matt from La Luz de Jesus showing us a very intricate Wayne Martin Belger installation!! photo by Lee Joseph

Korean Collumn Installation in 1232 area

Shiny, colorful, Korean column installation in 1232 area

Birdman and me in Littletopia, photo by Lee Joseph

See more photos of The LA Art Show Opening Night Premiere Party on Lee Joseph’s Flick Page!

Photo l.a. Opening Photos:

Thursday night photo l.a. opened at LA Mart!  Here’s more photos of that event thanks to ArtNerdLA’s Official Shutterbug, Lee Joseph!

Photographer Douglas Kirkland said during his keynote address, this has been “the best photo l.a. in 23 years.” …photo by Lee Joseph

More awards ceremony time with Douglas Kirkland photo by Lee Joseph

Our friends at Venice Arts had a great booth set-up, they do amazing education programs for underserved youth in Los Angeles. photo by Lee!

Matthew, Jonas NT Becker, and me at photo la gala, photo by Lee Joseph

See more Photo LA Opening Gala photos on Lee Joseph’s Flickr Page!

Paul Loya Gallery + CES Contemporary Photos:

Several exciting new solo exhibitions and gallery spaces opened this weekend as well!  Joan Van Barneveld’s solo exhibition Bad Moon Rising (titled after Sonic Youth’s second studio album) opened at Paul Loya Gallery on Saturday.  These new works are unique, large-scale silkscreened photographs set between veils of highly diluted black paint washes.  Van Barneveld hails from The Netherlands, but many of the images in the BMR show were sourced from his last trip to Los Angeles and point back to the film and music industries as well as their influence on the visual arts. They are Van Barneveld’s take on the contemporary landscape, with a big dose of abstraction and mystery.

Bad Moon Rising ... at Paul Loya Gallery

Bad Moon Rising by Joan Van Barneveld at Paul Loya Gallery

Our good friend and founding Los Angeles-based Art Nerd, Amy K Spain is a member of the CES Contemporary team which opened its new space in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday.  CES Contemporary specializes in local and international emerging contemporary art, supports the development of young artists and displays progressive, challenging and cutting edge work.  Formerly based in Laguna Beach, the gallery’s inaugural exhibition at 709-711 Mateo Street was packed with art lovers!


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