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Off the Rails with Station to Station pt VII: Home… but not yet “Home”

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to present a series of Art Nerd ‘On the Inside Tip’ posts by Stacy Conde! Stacy spent the better part of September 2013 on Doug Aitken’s Station to Station cross-country train and we are fortunate to have her share her behind the scenes tour experience on Art Nerd City Guides.

Thursday, September 26th

Los Angeles Union Station

We (some of us) were home… but yet not “home”.   We had one more Happening to produce in Oakland.  By this time we had crossed the country with our motley creative crew.  We were exhausted, a bit delirious and some of us (me) were down and out with the “road flu”.

My memoirs would not be complete without giving proper love to our Levis brothers and sisters who sponsored STS, provided their “5:01 happy hour” every afternoon on the train and brought style and craftsmanship to the tour.  Their “Makers” project is inspired.   Check it out here:

Sun Araw and the Congos joined us for some reggae flavor at Union Station.  Beck’s performance of “The Golden Age” with Fred Martin and the Levite Camp gospel choir was beautiful and goose bump inducing…  just stunning.  Dan Deacon nearly incited a riot with his pied piper-esque performance… and I… took no pictures.   Here’s a sweet train spotter we encountered in Milwaukee .  Peruse the LA Happening via the Station to Station site here:

I see you.  You see me.

I see you. You see me.

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