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News from La Luz De Jesus Gallery!


“As you may be aware, we stopped doing the fairs about six years ago. It was much less about the work and a lot more about the hype back then, and perhaps with the recent burst of interest in Street Art we’re finally seeing the return to figurative work and an appreciation for technique. The best part of returning to the circuit after a long absence is impacting the expectations of people who lost track of our program. We’ve always held high craft in high regard and we’ve always taken chances. The pieces we’ll be bringing to the L.A. Art Show will be no exception. It’s important to remind the art community at large that we helped build this.”


“We’ll be debuting a new Wayne Martin Belger installation, which is certain to be the talk of the show. Wayne is known for constructing his cameras with materials that are conceptually connected to the subjects photographed with them. His new camera, used to photograph pregnant women, features a human infant’s heart and the accompanying display includes a seven-inch, plastinated human fetus. This is surely a polarizing work, and we welcome the ensuing discussion.”


“Joining Wayne Martin Belger at the La Luz de Jesus booth will be artists Christopher Ulrich, Christine Wu, Shaun Berke, Nathan Ota, and Germs, who each specialize in very different styles that showcase completely different techniques and disciplines. They’ll all be available at different times throughout the fair to engage patrons. We’ve posted a schedule on the website. Additional art by Annie Murphy-Robinson and Mark Gleason will be displayed, with gallery director Matthew Kennedy and special guest Mika Tan on hand to offer commentary and information. Our booth (#1221) is in the littletopia wing of new galleries, which–as a gallery with an uninterrupted 28-year history, is more than a little ironic.”

–Matt Kennedy
Director, La Luz de Jesus

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