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Long awaited D*FACE Show opens on Saturday!!

D*Face: Scars and Stripes a pop-up exhibition of new work by British artist, D*Face, opens this Saturday, September 27th 315 S. Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, California. Presented by PMM Art Projects, Scars and Stripes will include 30 large-scale portraits, sculptures, and installations both inside and outside the gallery space, along with two new murals in Los Angeles. Two limited-edition prints will be available for purchase on September 27th and 28th.
Using Pop Art sensibilities and imagery, D*Face’s narrative style often alludes to the fragility of life, while reflecting popular culture and stereotypes of the ‘American Dream.’ With his accessible style, the artist encourages viewers to question the increasingly bizarre fascination with celebrity, fame, and consumerism that surrounds them. Scars and Stripes continues in this vein, featuring portraits of actors, celebrities, and musicians—including Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac—who ‘burnt bright’ and died before the age of 30.

“Thematically my work always draws upon personal experiences, whether that’s the saturation of media in our lives, our fascination with celebrity and stardom or more singular experiences such as the loss of loved ones,” D*Face explains, “I’m fascinated by, love, loss and the immortalization of celebrities, those that burn bright and die young, whilst their lives are cut short, they never grow old, never loose relevance and retain the spirit of youth forever, it is perfect for our consumer led culture, we get to put them on a pedestal, manipulate their ethos to fit with ours, over and over again, without them even being a part of this reconstruction/deconstruction”.
Over the past decade, D*Face has traveled the world painting murals in international cities including: London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and Malmo, Sweden. His largest mural to date graces the side of a 120-foot tall building, painted in conjunction with the Center of Contemporary Art in Malaga, Spain.

D*Face a.k.a Dean Stockton has been a leading figure in Urban Contemporary Art, inaugurating his career on the streets over 15 years ago by hand-drawing stickers and posters and adhering them all over the streets of London and beyond for the unsuspecting public to discover. He is one of the best-known figures to rise from the British street art scene, notorious for his witty, glossy veneered cultural critiques. Using the term “APOPCALYPTIC” to define his work, a blend of ‘pop art’ spliced with fragility of life, Stockton’s work reflects popular culture, centering on the ideals of the American dream and notion of ‘good’ triumphing over ‘evil’. He aims to encourage the public not just to ‘see’, but to look at the increasingly bizarre fascination with celebrity, fame and consumerism that surrounds them.
His work has been exhibited widely in group shows throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and in solo shows at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City (2009), Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles (2011), Metro Gallery in Melbourne (2011) and StolenSpace Gallery in London (2013). At the end of 2013, the artist released his first book, One Man and His Dog, a retrospective 350-page book, covering the past 15 years of his work both in the streets and in galleries. D*Face lives and works in London.

Founded by Pat Magnarella, a highly respected music manager, along with Roger Klein, a former major record label Artists & Repertoire executive, PMM Art Projects was conceived as a “disruptive art business model” in which they neither strive to be “agents” or gallerists, but instead work to insure that their artists are protected, nurtured, and recognized both within and beyond the art world. PMM Art Projects has presented acclaimed exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, and London, and works with a number of internationally-recognized artists including Charming Baker, Dan Baldwin, Miss Bugs, and Brett Amory.

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