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Lego mosaics by Andy Bauch

Andy Bauch lego mosaics

Coco Chanel – Image by Andy Bauch



Andy Bauch is a Los Angeles artist working out of his studio in DTLA… exclusively in lego. A small piece has approximately 4000 pieces while a larger work uses roughly 17,000. Thinking about assembling them, I envision trays I used as a kid to separate puzzle pieces… but way crazier.
His pointillist plastic play pieces were born from work in digital realms – transferring video compression techniques into analog application using recycled single square legos.
Andy’s portrait work includes subjects such as Coco Chanel & Groucho Marx. The artist also uses the medium to portray iconic Los Angeles landmarks which are conveniently suitable to the limited color palettes available to him – images of Randy’s Donuts, Helms Bakery & the famous Beverly Hills roadside crest
At a glance, the pieces could be painted as the curiously appropriate colors repurposed from child’s play to fine art blend together like a Seurat or Van Gogh, but on further inspection familiar patterning emerges – a grid comprised of meticulously aligned circles confirms that you are indeed looking at lego. Like you’ve never seen it.
So go see it. Andy’s new body of work is showing at the Los Angeles County Store in Sunset Junction from Februrary 6 – March 11 2016.
Andy Bauch
Feb 6 – March 11 2016
Opening Reception February 6th
4333 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029
Hours:  Tuesday-Friday 12-7, Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 11-5
Beverly HIlls

Beverly Hills – Image by Andy Bauch

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