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Joe O’Neill “Secret Head Trip/What Struck Me” at Keystone Art Space

LA local Joe O’Neill got prolific in these past twelve months. Don’t hold me to this, but I think “Secret Head Trip/What Struck Me” may be his biggest show to date. You can ask him yourself at the show opening tonight at Keystone Art Space.

The two sections of the show reflect his distinct painting styles. “Secret Head Trip” is an ongoing series of abstractions created from text, reflecting an interest in language, lettering, typography and traditional sign painting that has informed his work for many years. The words stop shouting out their meaning in this format. They become enticing in a whole different way – their original purpose giving way to form and pattern. “What Struck Me” is a collection of paintings on paper, drawn from multiple sources: photos, events, conversations, memories, experiences, and the internet. These are meant to be faster, spontaneous, experimental. 

Joe’s work always grips me to my core. Whether it’s the flow and color play of layered text or the emotion in a painting of a scene or human form, there is meaning here beyond the first glance… and that’s what makes the difference between something that just hangs on your wall and a piece of art that challenges you to look every time you walk by.

Joe O’Neill “Night/Day”

Joe O’Neill

Secret Head Trip/What Struck Me

at Keystone Art Space

opening Saturday, 8/31

Gallery hours 1p -5p daily through 9/9

Keystone Art Space
338 S. Avenue16 
Los Angeles 90031

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