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Jim Drain’s Seems/Seams opens at VSF!

One of my favorite artists has a show opening this weekend at VSF gallery…Drain is known for bright and bold, often mixing knits and found materials in his sculpture; with Drain, fantasy finds form and form becomes the starting point for perceptual transformation. His work is unforgettable and I’m thrilled we have an opportunity to see new work at VSF this weekend!

Jim Drain

May 2 – June 6, 2015
Opening Saturday, May 2, 6-8 pm


“The grid is very peaceful. Nothing can go wrong. Everything is complete.” LB

Seems to be undone. That?
Un-joined, a temporary stitch, a disintegrated seam?
Seems not?
Pick at the seam with a pin; ok; pretty?
Seem-less. A sewing needle repairs, heals.
A staple, too?

“the walls were concrete, and I couldn’t really staple to them.” Brian Chippendale

“The beauty of sewing,” Bourgeois explained, “is precisely in the fact that things can be done and undone without damaging the fabric.”

“I Wish I Had A Beak” at Greene Naftali in Chelsea c. 2005

“I Wish I Had A Beak” at Greene Naftali in Chelsea c. 2005

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