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Free Tix!! The Cribs at The Roxy 4/16

We have another great ticket giveaway from Goldenvoice! Who wants to see the Cribs next week? Tell us your favorite Cribs song on twitter / @ArtNerdLA and you will be entered to win tickets this week!
More concert info:


The Cribs are an English three-piece indie rock band originally from Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The band consists of twins Gary and Ryan Jarman and their younger brother Ross Jarman. They were subsequently joined by ex-The Smiths and Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr who was made a formal member of the group in 2008. Marr would remain as part of the band until 2011; his departure was officially announced on 11 April through the band’s website. Despite returning to the original trio, the band currently enlists David Jones of Nine Black Alps as a second guitarist for live shows. The band, who first became active on the concert circuit in 2002, were initially tied to other like-minded UK bands of that time, most notably The Libertines, by a British music press that were looking for a ‘British rearguard’ to the wave of popular US alternative rock bands of the time. They had outgrown this tag by the time of the commercial success of their third LP. In 2008, Q magazine described the band as “The biggest cult band in the UK”. More:

3 Responses to “Free Tix!! The Cribs at The Roxy 4/16”
  1. What’s your fav @thecribs song? : Free Tix!! The Cribs @TheRoxy 4/16 – @goldenvoice

  2. Alan Cruz says:

    @goldenvoice @thecribs @theroxy Men’s Needs

  3. Jeff Shibley says:

    @goldenvoice @thecribs @theroxy my favorite cribs song is mirror kissers! Hope I win!

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