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EXCLUSIVE:: PHOTOS from #KoonsWaters

ArtNerdLA was a twitter Monday night at the Orpheum Theatre for the Jeff Koons & John Waters talk presented by The Broad Museum, Library Foundation and ALOUDla. We were there with Deborah Vankin of the LA Times and people watched Jeffery Deitch, Paul Schimmel (great tan!), Paul McCarthy, Baz Luhrmann,  The Broads, Koons and Waters of course.  Is was a packed house with some great celebrities and art world elite…I even asked Johnny Knoxville if he was a Koons fans at the VIP thing! Turns out Knoxville is a major Waters fan (of course) and did a movie directed by Waters which he very proud of, A Dirty Shame. Our main goal was to get one selfie with Deb, me and Koons or Waters…we ended up getting both (scroll down)! Special thanks to all the PR people that helped facilitated the evening for us.


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