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Damon Albarn’s “Everyday Robots”

From his pogo-bouncing “Song 2” days, to parlaying an animated band into a Grammy headliner (in partnership with equally Art Nerd-worthy Jamie Hewlett), to a stunning multi-dimensional opera (also with Hewlett), Damon Albarn has always been ahead of the curve.  After over 20 years of creating art with a host of talented “others”, Albarn is set to release his first solo album, Everyday Robots, on April 28th.  Not content to present his new work without an appropriately creative campaign, Damon appointed artist and designer Aitor Throup as creative director of the album.   The pair’s first collaboration is the video for the debut track from the album.  The clip reveals a digital portrait of Albarn which utilizes actual cranial scans and reconstruction techniques to create a beautiful animated sculptural piece.

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