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VIDEO :: William Betts’ surveillance art.

William Betts makes art from surveillance video footage… or rather, William Betts tells machines to make art from surveillance video footage. What CAN’T a CNC machine do? They’re so mystical […]

A HANG OUT WITH FriendsWithYou

In this neat little vid from the MOCAtv  ‘Artists Talk’ series, Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III of FriendsWithYou discuss subconscious dream realms, Katamari Damacy  and their adorable technicolor contribution to the […]

Hollis Hart’s Cardboard Art

The best catches are the stumbled upon – that’s how I fell into the work of LA based artist, Hollis Hart. It’s Seussically Burtonesque and there’s the turn on…if you’re […]

Your Own Private Light Show Inside Perceptual Cell at LACMA!

Experience your own private light show inside a Perceptual Cell, created by Light artist James Turrell, at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) beginning May 26th. Your own private […]

Ira Svobodová’s White Spaces

I am all about the newest Pacific Standard Time initiative, Modern Architecture In L.A., so it’s no surprise to myself that I’m drooling over the ideological spaces painted by artist […]

Jeffery Deitch’s HOUSE!! [VIDEO]

Jeffrey Deitch Takes Hollywood on This video might be from 2010 but it’s a wonderful tour of Jeffery Deitch’s then new Los Feliz home.  Deitch led filmmaker Alison Chernick […]


Chloe Sevigny addresses AND embodies LA stereotypes in this short film by MOCAtv. The film shows Chloe discussing the perils of her life in LA (pedicures, traffic en route to the […]


I noticed this dope billboard with psychedelic 3-eyed/eared rabbits (err, ‘Rabbbits’) on Temple in the Rampart distric the very first day I lived in this city. Following the trail of […]

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