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Art History Gets Funny

If you’re an Art Nerd, or like art, or have ever seen any art, this will likely be the best thing you’ve seen on the internet today. Animators Doug Bayne […]

Obsessed with Phaidon Art Books?

If you love art history and spent some quality time in undergraduate and/or graduate school studying the visual arts then you probably know (and LOVE!) Phaidon Press. I, for one, […]

VIDEO: ARTST TLK Karim Rashid and Kenny Scharf

WATCH! Our Art Nerd hero Kenny Scharf and industrial designer Karim Rashid sit down with ARTST TLK web series host Pharrell Williams and chat about art and design. They both discuss how […]

Brazilian Street Artist, Kobra is back in LA

Brazilian Street Artist, Eduardo Kobra is back. The side of Mr. Brainwash’s studio (1255 La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles) is now home to Kobra’s newest mural of Albert Einstein. […]

Artnerdy Art Gifts by @ForYourArt

I love when art, product and commerce collide. Here’s a very LA-thing to add to your holiday edition art sun glasses by our art crushes: Kenny Scharf and Barbara […]

VIDEO :: Dabs & Myla

Found this cool video of one of my favorite duos: Dabs & Myla. Enjoy and have a great holiday weekend!  We have lots of cool new events and programs to share […]

America Yeah! 2013

I love getting emails from Gordon Holden, he’s rad. Check out his new book from The Illustrated Mind! America Yeah! 2013 The Illustrated Mind from Brighton UK has released their […]

Kenny Scharf #ThrowbackThursday

“The Art Nerd LA Week of Kenny” continues with Kenny Scharf photos from early 1980s for #ThrowbackThursday! Kenny Scharf’s Facebook page is a treasure trove of new and old images featuring Kenny working, […]

VIDEO: The Radiant Child

Here’s some homework for the “The Art Nerd LA Week of Kenny” … watch this documentary about Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child.  It’s a really great film, full of insights into back in […]

Kenny Scharf #Karbombz

Art Nerd LA will have a series of amazing Kenny Scharf posts this week, we may as well name it “The Art Nerd LA Week of Kenny”! Our LA Studio visit […]

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