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Bunnie Reiss – All Our Nature

One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket

Bunnie Reiss lives in a world of rainbows, patterns & adventure. In this world, with an intuitive heart and intelligent mind she produces technicolored otherworldly depictions we can’t help but adore. Still, there’s more than meets the eye to these adorable loving creatures – their usage and meaning goes deep.

Reiss fulfills the role of ‘artist’ in every way an artist should: she sees the state of the world and works to provide visual commentary through suggestive measures and remedies to the cultural and political crises we find ourselves in. The world of now, rife with police shootings, terrorist attacks and a terrifying mockery of a political structure, contains massive numbers of unawakened/unaware populations living in fear. Fear is the reigning epidemic that no international health organization is designed to acknowledge; fear is more than ever drastically changing the way global communities operate. This artist creates works that in their purest essence act as a guide to addressing and healing fear itself.

While previous bodies of Reiss’ work heavily depict cosmic elements and ideologies, more recent works shown here conjure adorable characters that act as ‘spirit guides’ representing a part of who we are – representing characteristics that are already in us and perhaps lie dormant, parts of us that need to be chiseled out from our collective and individual unhealthy states of being to motivate, inspire and shine as individuals. Ultimately activating the qualities of these characters and following their inherent spirit will help guide us to a healthier state of being. Like an oxygen mask deployed from an airplane ceiling, if we first help ourselves we are best equipped to help others around us. In the long run spreading a message of positive, healthy and natural states of being will enable communities to thrive in an epidemic of light.

Her figures are adorned with eastern european folk motifs that are deeply rooted within her own Russian / Polish heritage. Folk floral motifs are combined with Reiss’s familiar cosmic graphic elements that represent visually what beauty grows from each of us were we to allow ourselves to naturally be. The combination of specific decorative elements paired with particular characters are dredged from a deeply intuitive place encouraging the viewer to seek a healthy balance in this world by seeking messages from natural and animistic worlds.

In a battle of dark vs light, Bunnie Reiss is doing her part to ensure the good guys win. These pieces are here to stay, helping us recognize the ease and merits of living a little lighter.


All Our Nature opens tonight at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

August 5-28, 2016


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