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Stacy is a displaced Indiana Hoosier who spent her early years riding in vans with bands while working for the best indie record labels in Chicago (at that time). She's been a New Yorker (twice), a Londoner (briefly), a desert dweller and an Angeleno (three times now). She worked for Damien Hirst for a short time and returned triumphantly from the Station to Station tour with uber-artist Doug Aitken. She helps spread the word about cool creatives like: jewelry designer Nina Savill; an LA based chef Sandra Cordero/Gasolina Cafe; spearheads the Los Angeles Makers design collective and helps to run an arts non-profit, ART from the ashes. In her spare time she bakes for her side project, Cookie Route, is a DJ on KCHUNG radio; and once, in 2006, she got to cast zombies for the Gorillaz and Madonna performance at the Grammys.

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