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Attention Artsy, Opinionated, Creative Types: Vote for Tomorrow’s Next Big Thing Today with

So this is a pretty cool new site I came across. JazWings is an idea incubator platform where you can join (for free) and vote on ideas uploaded from around the globe. Looking for something fun to do with your highly imaginative inner child? Log on to browse the various submissions and immerse yourself in the world of toys, animation, comics, story books, games and more, then vote on the ones you like best and follow their progress. Your favorites that make it all the way through the JazWings Process (shown below) can be eventually sold at a store near you.

Oh, and if looking at all these fun ideas gets your own creative juices flowing, you can upload your own idea (again, for free) and maybe your will be the one that ends up being the next big thing.

And here’s a link to “How-It-Works” video which does a nice job describing the process.

More info at

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