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Art Nerd’s Top 10 Funny Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr is home to many of the most ridiculous and brilliant blogs ever, from white men wearing google glass to babes at the museum. Where else can you find such comprehensive collections of LOL-inducing tomfoolery? This list has been percolating for a while, I had to add a few cat blogs to round it out but behold.  Here is Art Nerd’s Top 10 List of funny, art-meme-stuffed, tumblr blogs. Happy Wednesday!

1) Ugly Renaissance Babies


Call me Benjamin Button one more time and I’ll make you turn the other cheek.

I’m not sure what’s funnier, the pictures or the captions. The Kids (certainly) Art Not Alright.

2) Beyonce Art History


Marina Abramovic with Jay-Z during his performance of “Picasso Baby”/ Beyonce, “Crazy in Love”

An old one but a good one, especially with her beloved husband Jay-Z recently dancing with artstar Marina Abramovic.

3) Great Art, Ugly Rooms

Amazing how much great art lives in horribly designed rooms…this tumblr has a ‘great eye’ for it.

4) Ca$H Cats

This one is a bit off-topic but in general I think it’s safe to say #artnerds love cats and money. #redic

5) First Thursday Art Shlock

Every time someone raves about your mixed media paintings.

Every time someone raves about your mixed media paintings.

I know, you probably have to live in Seattle to ‘get’ this one BUT it’s hilarious!! First Thursday is a regular monthly art walk / gallery opening night in Seattle and one with discerning taste in art…might call the work shown ‘shlock’.  This tumblr takes it to another level with hilarious art quips and pop culture gifs. The juxtapositions are way too funny, I mean really, McNulty from the Wire and bad mixed media paintings…#awesome.

6) Babes at the Museum


At my first Art History class back in college, I arrived late to a crowded classroom, disproportionately dominated by women…

So we can all take solace in the fact there are creepers in the museum that will take pics of unknowing ‘babes’.

7) Gangstas Of Art History


Saint J smokin’ a giant blunt

The rap + art thing is really hot right now… particularly for the Renaissance period and Marina Abramovic!

8) Marina Abramovic Made Me High

"The Artist is Present" Marina Abramovic MoMA - New York
Ummm….had to fit in Lou Reed somewhere with all these smokin Js and Abramovic banter.

9) Emojie Art History

The Scream

The Scream

Emojie Art History might be short on posts and lacking HQ production value but funny concept nonetheless, I know Lori would approve 🙂

10) Historical Cats

Really, really, great historic pictures of celebrities (James Dean, James Franco) and artstars (Basquiat, Klimt) past and present with their cats, obvi its my fav!!

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