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Alison Mosshart & Danny Zovatto “Los Trachas” at FF-1051 Gallery

Alison Mosshart “Opera Window” photo: FF-1051 Gallery

If you missed the opening like I did (only flu and a death in the family could keep me from attending… and it did!), you still have time to swing over to FF-1051 Gallery to catch Alison Mosshart & Danny Zovatto‘s “Los Trachas” exhibition.

Mosshart’s on stage personal as the Kills lead vocalist is alive in the paint strokes on these canvases and Zovatto’s large, enveloping works communicate lawlessness and truth.

The show features all new pieces painted in residence at FF-1051 Gallery over the course of the last month. In Alison’s words, “A handful of months ago Danny Zovatto and I met in New York City. We wandered the streets, talking art and creativity – two strangers living on the same fumes, obsessing on the same things. We laughed a lot. We were drunk a lot, never slept and never shut the fuck up. My pal at the time was painting on the Bowery and as fate would have it, invited us over and let us loose. For the next few nights Danny and I went wild, painting, pacing, buzzing, all manner of colors flying around. It was a total dream. Once back in LA, we wanted to keep the crazy train rolling so we took up residence in FF-1051 Gallery, picking up where we left off – Hollywood style. This is our show. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve made!”

Indeed the work expresses all those above mentioned adjectives: wild, buzzing, pacing, crazy train, colors flying around. The paintings are bold, brash and colorful in-your-face representations of faces and places, fast cars and frenetic words. Go stand in the center of the room and let the paintings scream their stories at you.

Alison Mosshart “Vanishing Point” photo: FF-1051 Gallery

About FF-1051 Gallery

FF-1051 is a contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles, CA.  With local shows in Los Angeles to exhibitions at SCOPE Miami 2017, Art Wynwood 2018, and SCOPE New York 2018, FF-1051 Gallery brings its artists and curation forward on a diverse and nationwide scale. Focusing across all mediums, FF-1051 works with artists living in Los Angeles and NYC but belonging to the global community. With an eye for emerging greats in the art world, FF-1051 Gallery curates high intensity talent from the contemporary art scene.

“Los Trachas”, an exhibition by Alison Mosshart & Danny Zovatto¬†

Through 12/15

FF-1051 Gallery

1051 S. Fairfax

Los Angeles, CA

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