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Art Nerd City Guides cover cool, hidden, and unique art and art history. From where artists lived, partied and died, public art works and the stories behind them, private installations for public consumption, historical sites full of secrets, and many things that you’ve never noticed before but stare you in the face daily. Written with approachability and wit, each entry is not only a good read, but also a well researched insight into each incredible city!

The first city guide, Art Nerd New York started out as a humble tumblr blog in late 2010, a bonafide website in late 2011, and an official launch party event at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in March 2012.  Art Nerd has been mentioned by PMc MagazineWarholianThe World’s Best EverArrested MotionGallerist NY, Elle Mexico Magazine, Talking Points Memo & Creem Magazine.  In early 2013, Art Nerd became a content partner with Google’s Field Trip location based mobile app, and expanded coverage in Los Angeles and elsewhere!



Art Nerd New York was created by Lori Zimmer, a New York-based freelance writer for, Patrick McMullan Magazine,, and ArtSlant.  Zimmer is also a curator and art consultant, having exhibited at heliumcowboy in Germany most recently, Scope New York, Scope Miami, Chashama, Collective Hardware and National Arts Club. She lives and works in Brooklyn, and can often be found walking over the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan, jotting down notes of the interesting sites she comes across along the way. She’s also a contributor to the art genome’s new social platform.

Email: lori [at]


Lauren-BizDev was created by Lauren Albrecht, Los Angeles-based, freelance Marketing/PR Consultant, WordPress maker, online marketer, arts grants manager, curator and one-time gallery girl.  Her past exhibitions, projects & PR/marketing campaigns have been featured in New York Magazine, Cool Hunting, Artforum,, Village Voice, Wired’s Blog, Crain’s Business, Bloomberg News, City Arts Magazine, Buffalo Spree Magazine, and The Washington Post.  Lauren is and will always be intrigued by the ever-changing intersection of art + technology.

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Los Angeles Team


Robin has a passion for patterns + bold graphics. As a graphic/surface designer and fine artist she has exhibited internationally. Last year she followed the winds of the universe to Los Angeles and now lives happily in a tree fort overlooking the city she loves to traverse and climb to secret places nobody would ever find by car.


StacyCondeANLAStacy is a displaced Indiana Hoosier who spent her early years riding in vans with bands while working for the best indie record labels in Chicago (at that time). She’s been a New Yorker (twice), a Londoner (briefly), a desert dweller and an Angeleno (three times now). She worked for Damien Hirst for a short time and returned triumphantly from the Station to Station tour with uber-artist Doug Aitken.  She represents an insanely talented group of jewelry designers: Nina SavillMiki Tanaka and Pade Vavra; a visual artist: Philip Lumbang;  a visionary bunch of musicians; and she run an arts non-profit, ART from the Ashes.



Nina came to Los Angeles by way of NYC, where she owned a fine art gallery for several years. After opening an art space in Culver City and being the director there for 3 years, Nina happily moved to the non-profit world and is now at the core of 501(c)(3) ART from the Ashes, curating and producing benefit art exhibitions. Nina remains in awe of the LA landscape and extols the wonders of its burgeoning art scene. She’s also a jewelry designer and can often be found wearing an optivisor and hammering away in her studio in LA’s downtown arts district. Basically, always an art nerd in one way or another.




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